Everybody Matters Podcast: Seamus Lafferty

The concept of Truly Human Leadership is so remarkably simple. It’s not a complicated concept and yet it is something that we actually have to work at… sometimes we have to reinforce it within ourselves and sometimes we have to reinforce it within others around us.

These are the words of Seamus Lafferty, president of Accraply, who is featured in this week’s Everybody Matters podcast. Accraply is one of Barry-Wehmiller’s ten divisions and is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They manufacture equipment to convert and apply labels to a variety of products and surfaces. Chances are, the label on the soda or water bottle you drank out of today was touched by an Accraply machine.

The concept of Truly Human Leadership is so remarkably simple. Click To TweetBehind their outstanding product line, however, are 200 team members within Seamus’ span of care. In this podcast, Seamus shares his insights into what it means to be a truly human leader, one who is learning something new every day as he takes very seriously his responsibility for those lives.

Listen to the story of Seamus’ personal leadership journey and the many people who have shaped it along the way.

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Truly Human Leadership is found throughout Barry-Wehmiller Companies, where Bob Chapman is Chairman and CEO. A $3+ billion global capital equipment and engineering consulting firm, Barry-Wehmiller’s 12,000 team members are united around a common belief: we can use the power of business to build a better world. Chapman explores that idea in his Wall Street Journal best-selling book, Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring For Your People Like Family, available from Penguin Random House.

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